Safety Advice

Whilst there are many good people trying to do good things, there are some who are not. Please follow this arrival safety advice.

Do not surrender your passport or ID to anybody, you only need to present it to a uniformed official (with ID) or a in some cases to a Volunteer Representative (they will only need to view it).
Do not go with people offering you jobs, there are reports of unsavoury individuals looking to pick up young girls and mothers with children.
Do not go with somebody offering you money or asking you to sign contractual documentation.

Being Offered Accommodation
Ensure your safety when being offered accommodation. We recommend you use an established platform to list your needs.
Do not go with anyone offering you accommodation that makes you feel uncomfortable.
Establish identity of anyone offering to host you and ensure you communicate that to somebody.
Be careful of accommodation scams. READ MORE BELOW

There is an increased presence of Police at all incoming stations. Keep alert and speak with official individuals (those in police uniform) if you are unsure.

Call Berlin Police: +49 (0)30 2062 29369

Police Emergency – 110 (acute emergency, German/English) – 27/7
Medical Emergency – 112 (acute emergency, German/English) – 24/7


Helpline in Ukrainian (not specialised in emergencies)
Communication center for Ukrainian citizens in need of help in Northern Germany
Telephone 24/7 +49 (0)152 2145 5530 or +49 (0)152 2145 5525


For Children

To ensure the SAFETY of children and young individuals arriving alone, it is very important that NO minor is being taken to private accommodation. Instead, all unaccompanied children should be taken to the Clearing Office (Erstaufnahme- und Clearingstelle, EAC) of Berlin. The Clearing office (EAC) cares for initial reception and provides accommodation, consultations, support, health care and access to education.

Erstaufnahme- und Clearingstelle (EAC)
Prinzregentenstraße 24, 10715 Berlin
+49 (0)30 8186 0831 10

Berlin emergency child protection (Berliner Notdienst Kinderschutz)
Telephone: +49 (0)30 610 061


More Services

Violence against Women Support Hotline
The Violence against Women Support Hotline advises women affected by all forms of abuse: domestic and sexual abuse, forced marriage, people trafficking and genital mutilation. Translators available
Telephone available 24/7: +49 (0)800 01 16 016

Pregnant Women in Need
An anonymous and safe telephone hotline. Translators available
Telephone available 24/7: +49 (0)800 40 40 020

Sexual Harassment Hotline
Telephone Mon, Wed, Fri 9:00-14:00. Tue, Thu 15:00-20:00. +49 (0)800 22 55 530


Accommodation/Apartment Scams

Many people before this current situation have fallen victim to apartment scams. For example somebody will rent an apartment on AirBnB (with stolen credit cards) and then advertise the apartment for rent. As the situation for accommodation is very difficult in Berlin they may tell you to pay the deposit or some of the deposit immediately to secure the property, with fake contracts. They will do this to several people and then disappear. Be very sure that the apartment is genuinely available. We recommend you find temporary accommodation to invest some time finding the right long term rental. Unfortunately your situation poses an opportunity for such scammers. If you have been scammed, call the Police immediately to report it.