Marginalised Support


Quarteera Association
Support for LGBTIQ+ English/Russian Language:
Mon 15:00-20:00. Wed 10:00-13:00. Thu 15:00-18:00. Fri 10:00-15:00 +49 (0)30 243 566 29

Queer Refugees Germany
The LSVD project connects, supports and advises LGBTIQ+ refugees and the organisations working with them.
+49 (0)163 266 3711 (WhatsApp)

Telegram group supporting LGBTIQ+/ disabled/ BIPoC Refugees


Black & People of Colour

Berlin | Each one teach one (EOTO)
Offers a safe space, information, food, translation services and accommodation for arriving BIPoC.

Telegram group supporting LGBTIQ+/ disabled/ BIPoC Refugees


Disabled & Deaf Support

Interaktiv Berlin
Consultations and attendant services for refugees with disabilities or chronic illness and their relatives (AGHB).

Offering transportation for people of reduced mobility. Special transports organised for people with restricted mobility, those in need of care and their relatives to safe areas as well as the placement of those affected from the war zone to care facilities throughout Germany.

Berlin | Die Sputniks e.V.
Association of Russian-speaking families with disabled children in Germany.

Deaf Refugees
Offering services and support for deaf refugees

Gehörlosenverband Berlin e. V.
Telephone: +49 (0)1577 444 1679 (WhatsApp)

Professional Association of Sign Language Interpreters Berlin/Brandenburg eV

Center for culture and visual communication of the deaf (Berlin)

Telegram group supporting LGBTIQ+/ disabled/ BIPoC Refugees